A Prospective Study of the Natural Course of Alcoholism in a Native ...
more, the results showed women had a higher rate of alcohol abuse . The majority (83%) of the subjects who stopped drinking did so . most tribes the percentage of Native American adults who . disorders among Saskatchewan Indians.

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Trihalomethanes (THMs)
Chlorine, which is added to drinking water to remove bacteria, can react with dissolved organic . Drinking Water? Saskatchewan's Drinking Water Quality Standards and Objectives and Health . BTC Indian Health Services Inc. Phone: ( 306) .

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Drinking Water Annual Report - Environment - Government of ...
An Overview of Drinking Water Management in Saskatchewan . . There is still an issue with late applications for renewal by operators and a higher rate . Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) required First Nation operators to become .

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Aboriginal Population Trends - The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan ...
The Aboriginal and Registered Indian populations of Saskatchewan have grown . total fertility rate among Registered Indian women is higher in Saskatchewan ( 3.1 in . suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and accidental poisoning have been more . TERMS OF USE | COPYRIGHT © 2006 CANADIAN PLAINS RESEARCH .

Police-reported Aboriginal Crime in Saskatchewan : Product main ...
Based on the 1996 Census data, the Aboriginal population in Saskatchewan tend to . Crime rates on reserves were two times higher than rates in rural or urban areas of . adult offenders, age, alcohol consumption, assaults, attempted homicides, . homicides, impaired driving, incidents reported, indian reserves, injuries, .

Lalita A. Bharadwaj - University of Saskatchewan
L.Bharadwaj, (PI) P. Johnston (Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations) ( 2008). First Nations Drinking Water Safety Program: Ensuring The Health of First .

Serve It Right Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan Tourism Education ...
Create Curiosity Sell Saskatchewan . Helping you and your staff serve alcohol. Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS) is the official provincial responsible service of alcohol program. . Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, 2010 . curb the problem of underage drinking. reduce over-consumption and impaired driving.

Drinking Water Annual Report - Environment - Government of ...
An Overview of Drinking Water Management in Saskatchewan . . were approved to receive interest rate subsidies on borrowing for these projects and . Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) required First Nation operators to become .

Correctional Service of Canada - FORUM on Corrections Research
Jun 5, 2012 . In addition to alcohol consumption and patterns of drinking alcohol by mothers . FAS for an entire province was conducted in Saskatchewan and published . United States with some areas having much higher rates than others. . Moffat's review of FAS in North American Indians and Canadian Aboriginals .