Study: Tea Boosts Immune System - CBS News
Feb 11, 2009 . Study: Tea Boosts Immune System . In the study, Bukowski and his co-authors isolated from ordinary black tea a substance called L-theanine.

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Health effects of tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article only deals with the effects of tea which is made from the plant Camellia sinensis (i.e. black tea, oolong tea, green tea, and white tea). It does not deal .

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Black Tea vs. Herbal Tea / Nutrition / Healthy Eating
The role of tea in cancer prevention and boosting the immune system needs to be studied further. When it comes to deciding between black tea and herbal tea, .

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Tea Boosts Immunity and Helps Skin, Study Finds
Apr 29, 2003 . Drinking tea may be able to prime the body's immune system against . five to six small cups of black tea or five to six small cups of instant black .

Tea Time: A Guide To The Four Basic Types Of Tea
Black Tea: The process of making Black tea is a long process that eventually results in the oxidation and . It also can be a great boost to your immune system.

Green Tea and Immune System
A green tea and immune system study found that tea contains antigens that may . tea drinkers found that 5 small cups of black tea a day increases immunity.

White Tea And Immune System | LIVESTRONG.COM
Jul 30, 2011 . White Tea And Immune System. White tea . and is not fermented, so it does not contain the high levels of tannins found in black and green tea.

Black tea compounds show anti-allergy potential
Jul 12, 2010. compounds found in black tea, may reduce allergic response in people . the immune system's T-cells and not the participation of antibodies.

Black Tea May Fight Diabetes
ScienceDaily (July 28, 2009) — Long known for its antioxidants, immune boosting and, most recently, antihypertensive properties, black tea could have another .

Drinking Tea May Boost Immune System
Because L-theanine is found in black, green, oolong and pekoe teas, the researchers compared the immune system strength of men and women before and .