How Does a Cassette Tape Work? |
How Does a Cassette Tape Work?. The hard plastic shell of the cassette tape protects the magnetic tape and two spools inside. As the magnetic tape is passed .

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How to Manually Rewind a Cassette Tape: 6 steps (with pictures)
Mar 6, 2011 . Other times, there just isn't a working cassette player around. . Spin the tape around the pen, exactly as you would a party noise-maker.

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Compact Cassette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Compact Cassette, also called audio cassette, cassette tape, cassette, . English Dictionary announced it would be removing the word "cassette tape" from . Simple voice recorders are designed to work with standard ferric formulations.

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How Cassette Tapes Work
How they work. Cassette tapes were invented in 1967 by Phillips to improve the usefulness of recorded sound. A tape recorder can record and replay voices and .

Eraser: How Do Magnets Affect Recording Tapes? |
How close does the magnet have to be in order to affect the tape? Repeat the experiment, placing the magnet at different distances from the cassette ribbon.

Cassette tape adaptor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A cassette tape adapter is a device that allows the use of portable audio . Because most cassette adapters use a single-sided head, they only work in one direction. . It can also be used in a home tape deck to play sound from any equipment, .

How do cassette tapes work | Answerbag
The tape itself consists of a thin plastic base material, and bonded to this base is a coating of ferric oxide powder. This oxide is a ferromagnetic .

How can I best convert cassette tapes to mp3?
Feb 8, 2011 . How can I best convert cassette tapes to mp3? . Any old tape player with a standard output jack should work (a more expensive player may .

Cassette Tape Loop - YouTube
Oct 11, 2010 . There's a few videos and guides on how to do this... Best idea is to . Ive been trying to do this all day but for some reason I can't? get this to work. . Tascam 4- track Cassette Tape Loop Drone in A/Am - using the Yamaha 6:45 .