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GDP per capita is often considered an indicator of a country's standard of living; . The GDP adjusted for changes in money value in this way is called the real, .

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Natural Born Conservative: Real GDP Per Capita -- Dead!
May 3, 2012 . Each achieved real GDP per capita growth of 1.52% in the first year in office, but by the second year, Reagan's cumulative GDP had declined to .

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EconPapers: Long Memory in US Real Output per Capita
By Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis Alberiko Gil-Alana; Abstract: This paper analyses the long memory properties of quarterly real output per capita in the US .

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Eurostat - Tables, Graphs and Maps Interface (TGM) table
Real GDP per capita, growth rate and totals. Percentage change on previous year, Euro per inhabitant. Percentage change on previous period. Code: tsdec100 .

Daily chart: Winners and losers | The Economist
Jan 16, 2012 . In Britain, real GDP per person will drop by more than 5% compared with . India's real output per person is forecast to be 34% higher this year .

GDP per capita, consumption per capita and price level indices ...
Jul 11, 2012 . Countries' volume indices of GDP per capita are shown in the . Table 1 and in Figure 1, represent the real volume of GDP and AIC per capita.,_consumption_per_capita_and_price_level_indices

2% Real Per-Capita GDP Growth: A Long-Term Trend We Can ...
Sep 10, 2010 . Over the last 200 years, going back to 1809, the chart above shows that the growth in real GDP per capita in the U.S. has been amazingly .

GDP per capita (current US$) | Data | Table
GDP per capita is gross domestic product divided by midyear population. GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in . Real interest rate (%) .

Real GDP Per Capita and YoY Percent Change
Jun 28, 2012 . This morning we learned that the Third Estimate for Q1 real GDP came in at 1.9% , unchanged from the Second Estimate. The latest data thus .

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Growth Rate of Real GDP per capita (Constant Prices: Chain series). Step 4. highlight the years you are interested in and add them to the list on the right. ( help) .