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Stay informed about the latest email hoaxes and scams by subscribing to the . as well as some general indicators that should help you recognize scam emails. . companies would not request sensitive information from customers via email.

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Help Center Home . What are email frauds/ scams and how do they affect me? . first contacting your financial institution and determining that the request is .

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The "request for help" type of email fraud takes this form. An email is sent requesting help in some way, but including a .

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About Fake Cox Emails
Jun 19, 2012 . Search for: What can we help you find? . Cox has not and will not send any email to customers requesting them to verify any account .

Email Scam: Urgent Request from a “Friend”
2 hours ago . Have you come across the “urgent request from a friend” money-making email scam? Well, someone is making money with these ones, but it .

Phishing email: The friend needing help | ...
Update: Following is another variant of this scam email. . I just received the same email today, including a follow-up email asking for money to be sent to .

Latest Information - Internet Scams - Email Hoaxes - True Stories
A regularly updated list of the latest Internet scams and current email hoaxes. . Facebook Charity Hoax - Share Picture to Help Starving Children . Message circulating on Facebook warns users not to accept friend requests from people on .

Hacked E-mail Accounts Used to Scam Friends | NBC Southern ...
Feb 4, 2010 . You might get an e-mail from a friend asking for help. It could be a scam to get you to wire cash.

'Nigerian scams' keep evolving - Technology & science - Security ...
Jun 10, 2005 . But Nigerian scams stretch far wider than e-mails asking for help moving money out of international accounts. In a much more elaborate version .