How many bowel movements should a newborn have in one day ...
In the early days, a newborn's bowel movements are thick and dark green in color. This is due to . She has since been back to her every couple days schedule.

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Infant Bowel Movements: How Many Times a Day Should My Baby ...
Oct 12, 2009 . How many times a day should an infant have a bowel movement? Should the baby's poop be yellow? What if my baby's poop is green?

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Common Questions in the Early Weeks : KellyMom
Jul 30, 2011 . Should baby be on a schedule? . The Color of the Day: Solving Bowel Movement Mysteries by Dr. Jay Gordon and Cheryl Taylor White .

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Newborn Babies & Bowel Movements | LIVESTRONG.COM
Jun 14, 2011 . Newborn Babies & Bowel Movements Photo Credit man touching newborn baby's nose image by Diane Stamatelatos from .

Why Baby Gets Upset During Bowel Movements - WebMD
Mar 6, 2012 . When to Worry About Your Baby's Bowel Movements . Get parenting tips, track schedules, and create a mobile baby book with our free app for .

Baby Development: 3 Weeks Old
A guide to baby development during the third week. . 16-18 hours per day, sleeping 3-4 hours at a time, but his/her schedule may still be erratic. . Bottle fed babies tend to have 2-3 bowel movements per day, as opposed to breast fed babies .

The 411 on Baby Poop - Infant Bowel Movements
Jun 26, 2012 . You wouldn't think there was that much interest in baby poo, but it seems new moms and experienced moms alike want to know more about .

How many times a day does a breastfed baby normally poop ...
Don't be alarmed if your baby has a bowel movement only once a week. . way, is your son breastfed? mine is he seems to poop on schedule every 6th day.

Infrequent bowel movements: Is this normal for breastfed baby ...
Jan 1, 1999 . It is usually around the age of 5 to 6 weeks that a baby's bowel habits may begin to change. Prior to that time, we like to see a breastfed baby .