Design Debugging Using the SignalTap II Logic Analyzer, Quartus II ...
All captured signal data is conveniently stored in device memory until you . SignalTap II Logic Analyzer evaluates the data stream for trigger conditions on .

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Continuous Queries over Data Streams
well as related concepts such as triggers and materialized views. Finally, we map out research topics in the area of query processing over data streams, showing .

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Technical Report about Active Databases & Data Stream Processing
algebra. In general, complex events are triggered by a number of primitive and/or . But within Data Stream Processing it's not everything about streams. An .

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Rules theory, how to trigger them
In addition for ASCII or close to Ascii data streams, .

Debug Stream Treatment Level-2 Trigger Event Filter Data Streams ...
Debug Stream Treatment. Definition: Events for which the trigger could not make a decision end up in the Debug Stream. In the order of one event in a million .

sql server 2008 - Cross Stream Data changes - EDW - Stack Overflow
In case at later stage if there is any modifications to existing Data Stream A (by subsequent load) there should be some sort of trigger to catch .

Quality-Driven Evaluation of Trigger Conditions on Streaming Time ...
when the data are in the form of streaming time series, and the trigger conditions need to be evaluated continuously. Consider a stock market monitoring system .

An Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Streaming - Developer Zone ...
However, with peer-to-peer data streaming and processing using the NI LabVIEW FPGA Module, you can create a frequency-domain trigger. In the application .

SMS Alert - Cosm App
Then, under the relevant datastream, click 'embed,history,triggers,etc' and supply the following URL: in the box labelled 'Add trigger'. Set the condition and .

Understanding Streams Replication
For example, in the hr schema, the update_job_history trigger adds a row to the job_history table when data is updated in .